Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It wasn't too long ago that these two little ones went to school for the first time together.
And now, nine months later......the last day they will go to pre-school together.

I still can't believe I almost didn't send Graham this year.  
He was one of the youngest in his class, and we were trying to do a crash course in potty training just to get him glad we did.
My kids both LOVE school.
They love being there together and waving to each other at lunch, playing together on the playground, etc.  I'm so sad this little phase is already over.

Because I have a pre-school graduate.
And doesn't she look thrilled about it?

She was.
She's been "waitin' on kindergarden" for over a year now.

 True story....
my mom was talking to her on the phone last summer asking what she had been up to.
Her response....
"Oh, just waitin' on Kindergarden!"....that was a year ago.
I know this girl is ready, but I may not be.
I cried dropping her off at pre-school for the last time yesterday.

Graham had his "promotion" day as well.
He'll technically be in Pre-K next year, but definitely has two more years of school before Kindergarden.....thank you.....I am so not ready for that.
 It will sure be different next year, just being the two of us.
But I'm excited about getting some special time with my boy too.

Both my kids have been so blessed by amazing teachers.
Graham and sweet, sweet Miss Anne

 Summer is officially here!

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The Montgomerys said...

love the pictures! don't you want to just freeze time?!