Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh How I Miss....

We kicked off the birthday weekend by meeting our friends, the Kemmerly's at Lupe Tortilla on Thursday night. Margeaux's dad is a rock star...or at the very least, an outstanding drummer. We watched Kurt play and SOME of us got to drink outstanding margaritas.

I got to hang out with my two favorite people. Andy "surprised" me with Photoshop for my birthday. I use "surprised" very loosely because about a month ago, I was "surprised" when he said to go ahead an buy it off Ebay, and then I was "surprised" again when he "wrapped" it up for my birthday. I'm very excited about getting to play around with it. It's a little overwhelming as of now.
Refer to picture #1. Yes Addison, mommy is driving home.
Addison and Margeaux listening to the music and comparing bracelets.
Margeuax watching her daddy play

Just cute...

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and the best birthday I could ask for. I got TWO date nights this weekend thanks to my parents keeping Addison overnight on Friday and Andy's dad coming in town Saturday. Addison loved it.

18 Month Stats...

25 ibs, 2 oz. (50-75%)
33 inches (90%)
Head 18.5 inches


Lacey said...

You are going to love photoshop. It gets easier the more you play with it!

Beth said...

Your daughter is beautiful!!! I am so full of baby envy!

The Yartym's said...

Photoshop is sooo much fun! You will love it!!

Jenni said...