Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Gym Party

Well I had this big plan to get up this morning and take Addison to Market Street for her 18 month pictures...enter rain. So cute pictures will have to wait. We did get to escape the rain and get out of the house today to go celebrate our friend and neighbor, Eleanor's 2nd birthday at My Gym. Even more got to come! Not only was Addison excited she got to wear daddy out, but mom was SUPER excited that she would not have to chase Addison around all by herself, being 31 weeks pregnant.

A few pics before giving up on pictures and letting the rain win. I realize the leopard outfit is slightly obnoxious and over the top, but we're so excited to be wearing some of fall clothes finally!

Please put the camera away....
On to the gym!

Eleanor enjoying her party
I love that Andy got this look on camera because she gives it to us all the time!
Having fun with dad

Happy 2nd Birthday Eleanor!
I love cupcakes and finished before anyone else...then immediately made the sign for more.
Loving my new shades and no....I won't take them off.



Lacey said...

She is so cute, leopard and all. :) And you look fantastic!
So about that playdate.... We stink! ;0)

Soon, sometime soon!

Keri DesAutels said...

She is so cute!