Tuesday, January 22, 2013

USS Midway

Sunday we took the kids downtown to tour "the big ship".  and helicopters.

 I remember doing something like this when I was little and I was excited for the kids to see everything....especially Graham, who is way into planes

We decided that our kids should totally be an exception to the "no kids under 6 for the audio tour" rule because what kid doesn't want headphones when they're being handed out?

The big wigs.

When did she start trying to strike a pose?  

The coolest part by far was the flight deck.  I think all 4 of us loved it.  And I love this picture of my two boys.

If you look closely you'll see Graham giving the Top Gun thumbs up.

I love this one too....Graham was in awe.

It was another gorgeous day!

You could actually get on some of the planes and helicopters which the kids thought was so cool.

making friends...

It was a fun afternoon and I highly suggest taking the kids for you San Diegans.


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