Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2 Months

We took Graham in for his 2 month check up today. I was sitting in the newborn room and a couple walked in with a 5 day old little one. I couldn't believe how huge Graham looked next to him. He is growing up so fast! Because this is most likely our last baby, I am really having mixed feelings at all these little milestone markers. I don't want my baby to grow up! I do want him to sleep through the night however....

Graham at 2 months

Our first attempt didn't go over so well....
and a good reminder of what he looked like this morning after his shots poor baby.

Because this blog is the closest thing I'll have to a baby book for the little guy,
here are his stats....

11 lbs 15 oz. (50-75%)
23 inches (50-75%)
Head 16 inches (50-75%)

Here's what you've been up to little guy..

* You love being on your play mat
*You adore any ceiling fan
*You just recently started sleeping in your crib instead of the bassinet
*You are wearing size 1-2 diapers
*You are in 0-3 clothes
*Your big sister loves taking care of you and always wants to cover you with a blanket and give you your paci.
*You are still nursing about 8 times a day
*You are taking a last feeding around midnight and waking up once or twice during the night....stop this, please. =)
*I secretly love cuddling with you at 4 in the morning....you are my last baby after all, and there will come a day, when I'm going to miss this!



the deKorne family said...

so handsome! glad things went well at the dr...

Lacey said...

I can already tell this little man is NOT going to be your last baby! I can read that all over this post.
He is a adorable!! Love the onesies!

sarah said...

he is so adorable! such beautiful big eyes!