Friday, February 26, 2010

Re Cap's been a while since I've blogged and lots has happened.

Let's start with last week. The. best. week. ever.

Andy took Addison with him to Oklahoma for his dad's 60th birthday and to see old friends. He had mentioned wanting to go a while back and not knowing how I'd be with the baby, kind of joking said, "Sure go! Just take Addison". And he actually thought this was a great idea!

So it was me and little man from Tuesday through Sunday. I cried when Andy loaded up the car with was the longest time I had been away with her. I went back inside the house and fed Graham and though, "What am I going to do with myself for five days?"...
I figured it out real quick.

This was how Graham spent much of those 5 days.
We made up for 2 months stuck inside the house. Graham was so EASY! He just slept and enjoyed having all my attention to himself. We met friends for dinner, went shopping, and ran errands just because we could. It was awesome. Oh...and he took about 4 naps a day. I mean, does it get much better?

Cutie patootie

And today was a big day because this guy rolled over! I put him on his playmat for tummy time for maybe only the 4th time in his life....(second child),
and went to pick Addison off the floor from one of her tantrums, came back, and he was like this....I tried it again to see if it was a fluke and same thing.
Little miss ....who is finally talking ALL THE TIME.

I was so concerned because at her 15 month check-up she only had about NO words, so I had a speech therapist working with her for a while. Well, we got to say goodbye to her this week because the girl will not shut up. I know you always hear that's how it is, but seriously, two weeks ago....maybe 100 words, now... Andy and I are having to spell out delicate words because she repeats just about anything.

And being the typical native Houstonian, I had to document the flurries this week. No way I let my child go out and "play" in that. We stayed in our pajamas all day that day....and the day before come to think of it.
Look closely and you can see them, I promise.

Graham is the happiest baby ever. He is smiling and cooing all of the time.
Except when I forget to feed him for about 5 hours.
Then he gets a little cranky.

I could eat him up.
And finally, there are no pictures needed for this story.

I'll make it as concise as possible.

Had to go to OB/GYN
With both kids.
By myself.
Brought DVD player.
And about 5 other toys
Wait was so long.
Had time to Watch Elmo's World...5 times.
That's 1 hour 40 minutes if you're not into Elmo
About 1 Elmo's World in, nurse tells me to undress and wait for Dr.
Addison figures out how to open door.
Quickly dress.
Chase Addison down hall.
Take Graham out of stroller to use it to restrain 2 year old.
Hold screaming baby and nurse him to stop the crying.
Glare at Dr. when he walks in with 2 screaming kids.
Wants me to get an ultrasound
Are you kidding me? Who's going to hold these kids?
I know what you're thinking...
NO, I'm not pregnant.
Everything is fine and I learned a valuable lesson.
Don't try to carry screaming toddler up slide at Pump it Up 2 months after C-section.
And don't EVER take my kids to OB/GYN again unless it's to serve as birth control.


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Cute pictures, funny story. :) :) :)