Saturday, September 8, 2012

Reunions make me happy

My sweet friend, Becky, and her family came to stay with us a couple of weeks ago while vacationing out here from Dallas.

*This is another reason I'm so thankful we were not transferred to someplace like Idaho (no offense to Idaho), but people actually want to come visit you here.*

Anyways, Becky and I have known each other since college, where we were Chi-O's together and roommates senior year.....and I love this girl!
You know what else I love?  When you can pick up right where you left off years ago....that these friendships are so much fun, and just easy.
I LOVED watching our kids have an absolute blast together....that was one of my favorite parts.

We met them at Sea World on Friday.

This is our favorite spot there....the new sea turtle's just so cool.

 And my kids are totally mesmerized by it.

Graham is also mesmerized by the beluga whale.

 The girls really started to bond on Abby's Starfish ride.  Us adults were ordered not to touch the wheel..."it's only for kids guys."

The next day it was off to Legoland!...where I think Andy and Brett were given the same instructions

And then the girls and their dads conquered the biggest roller coaster in the park at 9am....and I will have an entirely separate post for this...because it's warranted.

 Lots of playtime had at the house...

It's so much more fun playing dress up with another little girl.  Graham is not too into dressing up like Ariel.  Addison was in heaven.

Addison and Natalie became fast friends in three days.  It was seriously so much fun to watch and it made me again want to just squeeze Texas and California together to be closer to all of these people.

Here is a quick pic from 1999....oh my goodness, doesn't that just sound like a long time ago??
I just love that I can look at this pic of two great friends and then thirteen years later....

 our little girls get to play together...makes me so happy.

and here is sweet Drew, who was so much fun too.  I love how close in age all four of them are....and I love how he found his way into this picture.

Before they left, we took them to Brigantine for Sunday brunch.
It's one of our favorite places where you can sit outside, take in the view, amazing food, and $3 unlimited mimosas.
Which may explain why we didn't feel my first California earthquake...a 4.3.  
Yes Becky, it happened while we were at the Brigantine enjoying said mimosas.....oops.

And then it was time for hugs and goodbyes....and promises of more visits to come.

We love you Fenn Family!!!
 Roller coaster post to come....get ready.



Becky Fenn said...

We had so much fun!!!! Thank you for letting us stay with y'all. Move to Dallas next!

The Manuel Family said...

Laughing so hard at the mimosas making you miss the earthquake. :)