Sunday, September 16, 2012

In an effort to keep things honest...

It's been a bit of a rough week around here.
The kids have been pushing every button I have, ripping them out...and then losing them.  I mean, there are no more buttons left to push.  My four year old has learned and started using "Whatever."  I thought I had until the age of 11 or something to get ready for that.

My two year old has Regressed in potty training with a capital R.
I went out shopping for new bribes and creating new potty charts today because there are no other options.  I experienced my first day of both kids at pre-school last Thursday, and there is no going back.

Also going on this week....and taking me for a huge ride on an emotional roller coaster.....

1. The Parsons baby factory has been shut, slammed, and barred.  I mean, the doors have been closed for a long time....but they kind of had a sign on them (at least that I could see) that in soft writing said, "maybe come back in a few years"....."we're here if you change your mind"....

however, now the sign is no longer there....and a few tears have been shed.

I have been trying to soak up even more appreciation for these two in that realization though....
we are so blessed.  It's just hard knowing that chapter is done.

   So if you're counting...

1. Potty training regression
2. No more babies


3. We've had a bit of a painting mishap in our house this week.
What started as touching up one spot that the kids marked on the wall (thanks to leftover paint from the homeowners before us) turned into touching up over 100 other spots throughout our house.  I mean, while you have it may as well get things done, right?

Wrong color.


After three more paint matches, we are still not there.....and it's making me crazy.

but the week wasn't over....

4. My nook (electronic reader) got washed with the sheets.
I was in the middle of the second book in the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

And that about wraps up last week.

Hoping we can hold on for a better week this week.  


hair tied said...

sorry that it's been such a hard week:(

Sharon Bryant said...


I love to read your blog because you keep it real! I'm sorry you had a tough week but I'm glad you keep it real. I had a similar week so it's good to know that your not alone. I hope things get better and thanks for sharing so we don't feel so alone!

Lacey said...

You are so cute!!
Sorry it's been a crazy week...Graham will get will help him with that too. :) Enjoy your breaks while they are there.
Go buy the paper book---and the third. I read the whole series while out of town last summer and LOVED the love story in that book. Each book gets better and better. for the no more babies....we shut that door this year too...Adoption is always an option if you change your mind. :)
Hope Andy is feeling okay. ;0)~