Thursday, September 13, 2012

Graham in the Mclaren....and I'm not talking about the stroller

Last weekend we did something for the boys.....and I kind of get it now.
I get why guys like my husband are enthralled by fast cars.

I, myself, just think they are pretty to look at.
We took advantage of a Groupon and went to a little exotic car show in Del Mar.
There were about 75 of these things that I'm sure cost an unGodly amount of money.

 Graham was excited to see the "real Finn McMissile".

Then, there were two of these.  I mean, that just looks impressive, but I can't imagine keeping it clean.  These are the things I think about.
 What was even more impressive was that they let a two year old sit in a MILLION $ CAR.
Ha!  I just potty trained him 6 weeks ago!
He was a little in awe of the doors.

 I mean, really?
I don't think it gets much cuter than this!

Oh, wait, it does.

Of course Addison had to have a go as well.
This girl asked Andy to close the doors so she could drive.
She will be so disappointed in twelve years when I hand her the keys to the 2000 4-Runner.


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Sarah Hart said...

FUN! love it. they are soooooo cute!