Thursday, June 9, 2011

Touch a Truck

Let it be known that my parents are in town so the blog has taken a back seat to quality time, errands without kids, and date nights with the hubby.
You really do forget how great it is to have family close until it only happens a couple of times a year....and then you just treasure it.

Last weekend before the Lebo's invaded San Diego, we went to one of the greatest family outings ever....TOUCH A TRUCK.

It is a fundraiser for children's cancer in memory of a little boy named, Max.
Every proceed goes to fund research to beat something I pray that I never have to know personally. I cannot even imagine.

We had such an incredible time. The kids got to explore, sit in, "drive" and touch every kind of cool vehicle you can imagine.
It is heaven for any 3 -5 year old boy.

It's "pretty cool" for any 3 year old girl.

It's heaven and torture for an 18 month year old boy who doesn't understand what lines mean and that other kids are waiting to share the prized possession of a wheel.
For the 60 seconds he was allowed to "drive" each vehicle, the boy was in absolute paradise.

It's a strategic obstacle course for any parent of any age.

We ran into people we knew! To be fair, we followed Annie on the left, but we ran into Stephanie!!! Being "new" to an area, you take for granted how used to it you are to walk into a restaurant, grocery store, or Target and do a quick scan to see who else you happen to know who's there. It was a thrill to run into 3 families we knew. We're becoming local!!! =)

Checking out the cars with friends....

I don't think Addison ever got to touch a wheel.
Graham kind of demanded his place.
She was fairly content to be chauffeured around though.

Riding in the big rig.

We bought a handful of raffle tickets, which I was not aware had to be filled out by hand.
I'm pretty sure my husband was cursing my name while filling out 4 lines of information for all 20 raffle tickets.
And walking around to kill time so that we would be "present" for the drawings.

I'm pretty sure he asked me to leave a few times because "you know we're not going to win anything"

But we did.
For just about every single raffle we entered.
10 hot wheel cars
$50 gift card to Roy's
4 Birch aquarium passes
Park Hopper tickets to LEGOLAND!!!!

I would say it was a good day.
And that we used every ounce of allocated good luck in a lifetime.

Well worth a little juice in the hair.

Except that would be Stew.
You know my husband would never allow that kind of thing.


The Montgomerys said...

not only are you guys locals you might also be the luckiest locals i know! ok, i seriously can't believe ALL you won!! ridiculous! i bet andy is stoked you guys filled out all those tickets. remind me to get in on that raffle next year!

Lacey said...

THAT IS AWESOME Melissa!! That is some GREAT luck!! What a fun event for a GREAT cause. I think you are officially never returning to Texas. Boo on that!