Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's go for a "hike"

Saturday morning we were enjoying being quite lazy and contemplating whether or not to try to make the 10:45 Yoga class at the gym. Andy decided, skip the gym and let's go enjoy the beautiful weather and hike Torrey Pines.

I say "hike" so loosely its pretty much undone, because we had a double jogger and knew the kids would only last about 30 minutes.

Nevertheless, we headed to Torrey Pines, which 250 people on YELP had given 5 stars.
We were very excited.

I don't think any of those 250 reviewers had kids under the age of 4.

I knew we may be in trouble at this point.
This was just getting into the stroller from the car.

The car that paid $10 to park its tail on top of the hill close to the trails.

My husband had suggested free parking, but I would like illustrate something.

Look closely.
I think Andy would have to agree it was a $10 well spent.
Because after-all, we were dealing with this.

Despite a little June Gloom again, it was gorgeous.

But I kid you not, as soon as I saw the sign warning of rattlesnakes, I wanted to get the $#*& out of there.

I swear we would be walking, I mean hiking and I would hear a constant rattling.
Could have been my imagination, but I think not.

There was the view.

This was right at the beginning of the 2/3 mile trail.

See? We're having fun!

And then my husband started grumbling quite a bit.
Because he was not enjoying pushing the double through the 4 inches of sand UPHILL.
I promise, this picture doesn't do the terrain justice.
Trust me, it was a lot of sand.

There were lots of lookout points, that we sped right past because,
not so much double jogger friendly.

And as I would stop to take a picture

my husband was high tailing it.

Because he and everyone else on that trail was hearing the soundtrack of this.
And I was still hearing the constant rattling.
Seriously, I just tried to not look too closely at the ground, afraid I was going to see something from that warning sign there.

You know what terrifies me at the zoo?

When we're in the reptile area and it takes me 6 minutes to find the rattlesnake in the 4 by 4 foot display.
Oh they are there all right,

At least at the zoo there is glass.
Not here.

So I started to "hike" faster to catch up with my husband.

But our 10 minute hike was beautiful.

Beautiful and creepy all at the same time.

And I do have to say that the $10 spent on parking was the best money I spent this weekend.


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