Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cars mania

My friend, Karen, and her two boys hosted a Cars viewing party Monday morning complete with breakfast. Our thinking was to get the kids revved up for Cars 2.
I don't think they needed much revving.

Especially my youngest, who is currently OBSESSED with cars of all kinds.

Everyone brought a different breakfast item

And Amanda showed us all up by making these....

Lightning & Mater pancakes! How cute are these?

Before the show started we had some fun outside.

And then we gathered all the kids for the viewing.

I wish I would have gotten this about 5 seconds was hilarious watching all the moms try to capture a group shot before everyone moved.

The kids were uber excited for the first 5 minutes.

I love this picture because it shows not only how excited all the kids are but how focused Graham was on the show. I'm sure he was thinking....gets these kids out of the way and let me watch my show already.

And then they all left to play again except for Graham.

He stayed glued to the TV for the entire show.
The whole thing.
Maybe there is hope for him yet sitting through Cars 2 in the theater this weekend.

The only break he took was to go find Jamie who kept spoiling him with food when his momma had already told him no more.

And then he was back, glued to the set.

Thank you Dassos for such a FUN morning for both the kids and us mommas!

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Lacey said...

Look at all your friends. And all your kiddos friends!!! So happy for you. You seem to LOVE It there. Boo for us, but yeah for you. And I saw those pancake molds at Williams-sanoma the other day...super cute!!