Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Come on over, the water's warm....er, warm enough.

It's officially summer because the waterslide was up this past weekend.
We were a little worried about it being too cold, but it was PERFECT.

Graham was seriously in heaven. This kid is such a water baby.
He's a magnet for the water and the waterslide was 100 times easier than dealing with the pool.

It was also 100 times easier this year because we weren't dealing with this.
This was a year ago. I think this was why Andy was a little hesitant about getting it back out again because his memories of it were a little traumatized from last year.

This year was seriously a piece of cake to set up and take down.

In the beginning we were both getting kind of a workout helping Graham figure out how to get up the wall.

I kept telling Andy, "won't it be great when he can just do it by himself and we can sit, watch, and drink our margarita?

Andy said, "yeah, but there is NO way he's getting it this summer."

And then the little guy proved him wrong.

And we did sit, enjoy our margaritas, and watched a few hours of this.



Lacey said...

WHAT a big boy!!! So fun! Love Addison's suit!! Super Cute!!

Emily Joy said...

Everything about that thing screams TEXAS to me :) I love it!