Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nana & Poppy do Cali

Last week was an exceptional week at our house.
Nana came to visit and got to spend a LOT of time with her grandkids.

Which meant that Andy and I had a little quality time of our own.
It was bliss.
My kids were in heaven.

By the way, this picture is to document my mom's "relaxed" attire.

She does not own a pair of jeans.
Let me say that again.
She's retired and she does not own a pair of jeans.
We do casual in this house so she had to borrow some "play" clothes.

One thing I really wanted to do while she was here was get some pictures of her with the kids.
You know how you have that vision of generational bliss that gets captured and becomes a keepsake forever?

My mom and I both had it, but we got mostly this.

I did manage to get a few cute ones though.
They are in the mail to you mom!

Struggling a bit to get G to cooperate.

Take 2....

and we'll just go ahead and crop Addison out of this one and call it as good as it gets for one with Grambo.

My dad flew in on Thursday and we got to spend a couple of nights with him before they both left on Saturday.

We went to Scripps Aquarium on Friday

this tank was huge!!!

Finding Nemo.
We couldn't leave until we found him.

Graham tried to dive in headfirst to touch the starfish.
Do you notice that Andy is wearing a fleece?
It's June.

And around here, it's what's called June Gloom.
We had a little bit of "May Grey", but June Gloom has been pretty consistent.
Still not complaining....too much.

It's just that last time my parents were here it rained for 10 days straight.
And it pretty much hasn't rained since.
I wanted them to enjoy San Diego in all of it's glory.

I don't know if they believe me that this is not typical.
We did get a little sunshine though and headed straight to the beach with Nana.

We'll have the sunny weather waiting for you when you come back to see us again....SOON.



the deKorne family said...

your mom is so beautiful!!! kiddos, too. glad you had some help!!

Mary said...

such cute pictures! my mom doesn't own any jeans (and honestly, probably not even shorts) either. i think it's so weird!!!