Friday, July 1, 2011

Juliard may have to wait

To break up the summer routine or lack there of,
I enrolled Addison in a few little day camps.
Her first one was a ballet "fairy" camp that met for three days.

She has never really taken dance before (though you might not guess that from the video below)...interject dripping sarcasm here.

But she was super excited to dress up like a fairy.
I had done my best to bribe her with her fairy wings to get her to do her thing in the potty,
but as you can see she is wingless....
but cute nonetheless.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the dress up part of it too...

Day 2 was pink day.

Super excited!!!!

Ok, to get the full effect, you MUST watch this video. I will tell you right now it's 2 mintues....but stinkin' hilarious because I honestly don't know who or what Addison is following throughout her performance.

As I said....Juliard may have to forever.
But the important thing is she had FUN.
We may sign her up for dance in the fall for everyone's entertainment.

She is in the hot pink, back right.
The one sitting down for the first part of the dance.


Shannon K. said...

SO CUTE!!! Conforming is boring mom...she's a free thinker! ;)

Katie said...

She most certainly dances to the beat of her own drummer! Also, love her fairy hair-do. What a fun idea for a camp!

The Montgomerys said...

i loved the video especially your words at the end!