Friday, July 22, 2011

Hard Knock LIfe

Addison just finished week 2 of dance camp.
This week was "musical theater" to Annie.
I was given specific instructions to bring my kid dressed as an orphan with a mop and bucket.

Addison has been so excited to go to dance. She talks about it multiple times a day, every day.
But here's the thing.
How do I put this delicately?
Um....I don't ever see her as being a contestant on "So you think you can Dance."

I had signed her up for the Hip Hop camp in a few weeks, but let's be honest, I think I'm going to go ahead and ask for my money back on that one.

Don't worry, I'm not crushing her dance dreams yet.
I will be enrolling her in the fall just because she loves it so much.

It's just it's been a really HARD week, so please ignore the frustration in my voice on the video.
Actually, you may want to listen to it because it's pretty entertaining as well.
(Press pause on my music in the bottom right)

And ignore the girl to the right of Addison dressed to the nines with lipstick on and full make-up at the age of 3.
She must not have gotten the orphan memo.


Mary said...

haahahaha! love this! at least she's really good at scrubbing the floors...

Mama said...

So adorable...reminds me of the video we shot this week of Chloe's "recital" after her week of ballet fun having the one kid who refuses to go along with the others :)

Honeyman 4 said...

Love this!! She stayed on task! :)

This is my Drew...marching to his own drum...

Tami said...

She's her own star!

Katie said...

Maybe she just doesn't want Miss Hannigan to catch her singing and dancing when they are supposed to be making the place shine like the top of the Chrysler building!

Thank you for sharing this awesomeness with us.