Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trash Talking

The Dasso's threw a birthday party for their son, Logan, this weekend.
He was turning three and all he had requested was that he have a "trash truck" party.
Karen had mentioned at playgroup, "seriously...what am I going to do with a trash truck?"
I love to plan parties, but I was stumped as well.
Andy even told me, "you would have tried to convince Graham to do something else just so it wouldn't have affected your party planning ideas".
True dat.

But Karen pulled off one of the cutest parties I've ever seen, and I'm sure it made Logan one happy little guy.
Lesson learned.....
Give the kid what they want and go on Pinterest for ideas.

I forgot my camera, but thanks to the phone app and "borrowing" some of Annie's pics, I still have some cute pics to show you....

Pin the can on the truck....

Party hats
a bounce house works for any party!

sticking with the recycle theme....making bird feeders out of trash....which they loved!

Friends! (Karen is on the far left)

cupcakes, trash favors, green lollipops
The theme color was green....for Waste Management...clever!

thank you etsy.
Edible fondant cupcake toppers

a warning to the dads.....

Karen & Annie set up for "dumpster diving"

best party game ever for three year olds...

finding goodies in the trash....

Happy Birthday Logan!

Great job, Karen!
You amaze me!

We had a blast in the trash!


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MrsArrr said...

What kind of goodies did you hide in the pool for the kids to collect? My 3yo wants a garbage birthday and this looks like a lot of fun!