Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aloha! Part 1

We just got back today ( I think, the days are running together after not sleeping on the red-eye) from the Big Island of Hawaii.  Andy, Addison, and I got to spend a week with my parents and had such a great time.  Both Andy and I agree that it's a lot harder than we thought traveling with a 13 month old on an 8 hour plane ride, 3 hour layover, 1 hour extra plane ride and 5 hour time change.  She was a trooper though...and really, I'm not complaining! It was absolutely beautiful.  

I'm going to break up the trip because as I typically do, I took way too many pics.  So here are the pics from our first full day (Tuesday)

My little fish loves the water and just "lit up" walking with the sand under her toes.
Trying to go for a swim

Playing with Grandma.  She has this little "Laugh and Learn" purse that has a plastic lipstick and loves having Nana put it on for her.
First Pina Colada!  Non-alcoholic, due to Baby #2.
Just playing near the cabana

Not a bad way to take a nap!  Check out the view!

View from the other side of cabana

Pool at Fairmont Orchid, about 30 minutes north of Kona on the Big Island
View from our room

You cannot beat the sunsets!!  


the deKorne family said...

gorgeous! i can't imagine that travel at that age. you are amazing. i just flew to new york with ava at 15 months and almost had to be committed. at least you had a tropical vacation at the end of the tunnel! glad you had fun. :)

Callie said...


Jenni said...

There is nothing like Hawaii! We loved it last summer with Grayson. It was like he knew it was paradise!!!