Friday, July 2, 2010

7 Months & Pedicures

Would you please stop growing up so fast?
Get ready for a slight picture overload...

Oh. my. goodness.
You are such a happy baby.

Here is what you've been up to...

*You are moving everywhere. Not quite crawling, but I know it's coming.
*You can sit up on your own and much prefer that to laying down anymore.

*You are equally fascinated by books and your sister, so both at the same time is enthralling.

You are eating 3 solid meals a day and you have a favorite...
spinach, peas, and pears (mixed together)...yes, you read that right.

You are nursing 4-5 times a day.

You love tv probably way too much. I'm sure your sister has nothing to do with this...or your dad.
Speaking of dad, many people think you look like me (which I love), but I see a lot of your daddy in these pictures.

You love sucking on your fingers and still have no teeth, but I think that's coming soon.

You put everything in your mouth.


and that's the end of that onesie.

And now, onto my little diva!
Addison was thrilled today when I asked her if she wanted me to paint her toes.

I told her not to move and let them dry and she just crossed her feet and waited. Priss.
Any other color but pink was not an option.


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sarah said...

he is so cute, i cannot wait to squeeze him tomorrow! i just painted iris's toes this week too - the girls can compare tomorrow! so adorable. and i see andy too, so much - g looks EXACTLY like andy's baby pics, to me anyway!