Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I've discovered mirrors...I'm so vain!

We finally found something that keeps her entertained. She loved looking at herself...and what girl doesn't?
I got a little bit tired of the newborn onesies today and decided it's time to open up the whole new world of wardrobe of 0-3 months....nevermind the fact that she is still newborn.
I can lift my head!!
And....I'm out...all this activity wears me out!
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Lacey Morgan said...

So cute!! I need to try the mirror with Had's. She would probably love it also. I have that song in my head now and can't get it out..."your so vain..you probably think this song is about you." LOL.
She's beautiful Melissa!!

Shauna said...

Hey Melissa,
I wanted to make sure you got my email that I sent you! Check your junk mail. Will be in touch again later today!