Monday, December 14, 2009

Mr. Mom

Andy went back to work today and we're all a little sad.
He was such a champ last week, that I started thinking...."Hey, this 2 under 2 thing isn't all that hard!".
I am still blessed to have Grandma & Grandpa here all week helping out and loving on the kiddos, so I won't have to quite face reality for a few more weeks.

I have to enjoy it while I can.

Here are some pics from the last week....

I love this sleepy newborn stage....
The staredown.... Andy got a lot of those last week.

And some of this.....
Then we decided to take her to see Santa.....
Notice the death grip on the Goldfish and the fight to get out of his lap

But she was much better after some chocolate milk and daddy chasing her around Market Street

Such a sweetheart....Graham is hardly ever out of someone's arms. He's quite content to be cuddled all day but took a short break in his swing.

The pics that I don't have to share are the ones from our first family "photo shoot" last week.

I had lofty goals.

I thought that it should be no problem getting a 19 month old and 5 day old to take some angelic pictures so we could quickly get a Christmas card together.

You know...maybe one of Addison bending down to lay a sweet kiss on the sleeping baby's head..

Or at least a cute one of the four of us with Addison smiling for the camera.....

Or one of them in their Christmas outfits with her loving on her new little brother...

Nope. None of them happened. And not for a lack of trying. Addison was screaming and crying her head off right from the beginning, and little man had a diaper incident and "showered" dad while he was trying to change him.

We got ONE family picture.

And Shannon is a miracle worker...especially with what she had to work with. Dad took Addison out to the car for the remainder of the session, and we finished up the newborn pics. I'm excited to see those and will share as soon as I can.



Honeyman 4 said...

Too funny!!! I'm excited to see them.

the deKorne family said...

adorable! he is so handsome! maybe ava and addison can start a contest for who is the worst picture taker. i have never seen anyone more uncooperative than my daughter. ugh! those are DARLING of addison in the hat, too. glad you are doing well!

Shannon K. said...

I'm sorry :( But I thought the one turned out sweet :)