Thursday, February 16, 2012

sweet life

I've been doing just fine on my weight loss until this week.
I think I ate more sweets over Valentines than the entire month of December.
Did you know that if you combine Betty Crocker peanut butter cookie mix with a heart reeses peanut butter cup, you get a disaster.  You get 24 amazing, ridiculous, take Weight Watchers hostage ...disasters.
It was worth it.

Before this week's festivities, we took a Sunday drive.  It was pretty cloudy, but still beautiful as always.

 I was excited to try to grab some pictures with my camera, but apparently legit photographers were having the same idea.  I walked down to the beach to find these people in full on camouflage gear, with backpacks, tripods and hunks of electronics that I think have to be the god of the camera world with lenses three feet long.  It was crazy.  I took my few shots and got out of there.

Then on Monday, my friend, Annie....otherwise known as amazing party planner, put together a little Valentine's party for our playgroup.  My kids didn't mess around when it came to cookie decorating....or they made a big mess but ate lots of sugar in the process.

 And I made the mistake of throwing out Addison's stash today....although I didn't admit it to her when she went looking for it today.  So baby girl, when you learn to read and you come across this post years later, yes, it was me and I take full blame. 
But I can make you a mean peanut butter cup cookie to make you forget about it real quick.

 and the random pic of the post....
Addison's recent etch a sketch art work.....she is really into drawing people lately.
This is Graham, in case you can't tell.

 And I do have to brag on my husband who totally came through on Valentine's Day.
I have stopped expecting or even really hoping for gifts on a day that Andy has always complained is way over marketed.  He surprised me this year though by booking me for the La Costa Spa on Sunday.
My massage is at 2pm, but when you get a massage there, you get access to the resort for the entire day.
They open at 8:30 and I will be there with magazines, a huge smile on my face, ready and waiting at 8:29.


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