Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lions, Tigers, Bears and No Nap....Oh My!

Time for a field trip to the zoo!  We drove in town today (1.5 getting there, isn't that crazy!) to meet Aunt Sarah and Addison's cousins at the zoo.  Then we got to meet daddy and Uncle Mike at Freebirds for lunch...what a treat!

Addison was excited about her day even though she fought and won against her morning nap on the way.

I don't remember ever being this "close" to the animals before.  Aren't cheetah's known for their speed, agility, and jumps?  Is a FOUR FOOT tall mesh fence really going to stop them???
THe picture doesn't do my fear justice, but you can tell from the back of the kids' heads that we were REALLY close.
Baby giraffe!  This baby was only 19 DAYS old.  You can see it giving its handler a little giraffe kiss.
Eloise and Owen
Looking at the leapord
Lions take a nap.....
Bears take naps......
Does Addison take a nap???  No!!!

Her first carousel ride!  Thanks Aunt Sarah!!  She held on so steady like a pro.
Addison, Aunt Sarah, and Iris
What a fun day!!


Lacey said...

Awww...glad you guys enjoyed it. Hadley screamed bloody murder at every animal...even the 3 day old baby giraffe. Cute pics as always...and time you need to call me and I'll place my to-go order. :)

sarah said...

those are so good! thanks! i feel so honored to be featured. you have an awesome camera (or maybe we just have some REALLY cute kids)! :>)