Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A few randoms

Well, I'm sure like everyone else in Houston, we have been going a little stir crazy lately and have a major case of cabin fever thanks to all this rain!  

Addison is on the verge of walking.  She'll take a step or two and then fall, but she's really trying to figure it all out.  I'm really hoping she picks this up in the next two weeks in time for our trip coming up to Hawaii.  It would be nice to "walk" the plane during out EIGHT hour flight.  Any ideas on how to keep a 13 month old occupied for a long flight...I'm all ears.

Here are some random pics from tonight.  We're a little boring lately.

Lovin' bath time
In her "serious" mode.  The girl is finally getting interested in books.  I mean, she might let you sit with her for three minutes and read.  This is an improvement from the previous 30 seconds.
And these curls...I love it!!!  I'm hoping these stick around.

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