Saturday, June 27, 2009

Camp Lebo

So the move is still not going as planned. We closed on our Ivy Garden house yesterday and I walked into the closing crying. Kind of embarrassing....don't know if it's the fact that we are now officially "homeless" or that I absolutely adored that house...probably both.

We are moving on to Plan B. Because we could still not get a definite decision on made on the last appraisal and could not get anyone to call us back, we are moving on to a different lender. We feel much better about this one, and they have already taken a look at the appraisal (they will have to get a new one), but they don't think it should stand in the way of us getting the house. Our time frame is now 2-3 weeks.

Today we moved for the second time. Thursday we moved from our house next door (because we thought it would be just a couple of days), and today we moved in with my parents since we are now thinking weeks. Camp Lebo. We are fortunate to at least have a place, and my parents are helping ease the transition. Tonight they are babysitting so Andy and I can go see a movie.

Please excuse the fact that we may be lacking pictures for a while. I can hardly find where my clothes are let alone a USB cord.


Lacey said...

So stressful. I am sorry. Just keep reminding yourself it is temporary. You'll be my neighbor again soon enough. ;) I know that's why your really crying right?? You miss me?? ;0) Hope to see you soon. :)And if you need a break or change of scenery, come on over.

The Manuel Family said...

So sorry to hear this! You guys have enough going on right now! Hopefully the new lender will be good....and fast! :)