Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fun

We took a NEEDED break from packing today to cool off in the sprinkler.  It was a great $10 find, and Addison loved how the water made the balls pop out.  She just had to compete with Harley to get the balls.  

Didn't mind getting squirted in the face

Trying to figure it all out

Now back to packing....


Clymer Family said...

Hey Melissa! I stumbled upon your blog from Becky's - Addison is soooo cute! Congratulations on the new house and baby to be!

katie clymer (from junior league)

Mama said...

What fun! Chloe hates the water. Hates the pool. Hates the beach. It's going to be a long summer :) Maybe Addison could teach her a thing or two!