Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sick of Being Sick

We are sick....
of being sick!!

What happened to my kid who hardly ever ran a fever?
The last two weeks have been loads of quarantine fun.

It started last Monday when my sister in law noticed that Addison had a bit of a runny nose and asked, "is she sick?"...

No....I'm sure she's fine.

Fast forward 10 days and here is what we've been through since last Monday.

10 days of fever ranging from 101-105
5 calls to the doctor
3 doctor visits
1 antibiotic
2 bottles of Motrin
1 bacterial eye infection
2 ear infections
1 sinusitis infection
1 stomach bug
10 days of CABIN FEVER!!!!


Thankfully, her fever broke today and she seems to be doing SO much better. We are fully stocked in anti-bacterial products and hope to have built up LOTS of antibodies over the last 2 weeks. Dr. B did warn me it might be a "crap" winter. Ok, he didn't say crap, but might as well have.

On a different note....

I think it might be time for a hair cut. Andy's trying to protest, but the bangs are speaking for themselves.
Also....Addison said 2 new words today!!! This is a huge deal because she has been a little delayed on the talking thing. Oh she'll have full on conversations with you, but you don't understand a lick of what she's saying.

I have been stressed about it. But today I asked her if she wanted some juice and she said, "Jew"...close enough.

Then she spotted her favorite food of all time and said "cheez" We're making progress..

She has been loving her accessories lately.

Phone...good to go....


sarah said...

so sorry she's been sick! iris had a little bit of eye goop and has been coughing - i guess we're keeping it in the family. no fever yet, so maybe we'll stay clear of the worst of it. give her a smooch from aunt sarah!

The Manuel Family said...

I'm so sorry Addison has been so sick! Hopefully all is on the mend and she'll be back to feeling great!

Katie said...

Man, that really stinks. Lucy is on day 3 of fever today. What gives? That's great she said some words. Watch out. Once they start, they never stop. ;)

Lacey said...

As soon as she is well, lets get these girlies together!! We are back into the full swing of things. :)