Friday, September 18, 2009

What's Cookin?

Who's so excited about her new play kitchen???

She is!!

Oh how I love Woodlands Online! I was looking for a little used kitchen set to go in her outside playhouse, but once we got it home, I realized that she's not going to let this thing out of her sight let alone outside in a house she rarely gets to go into.

Getting the blender started up..

Putting away the food..
Checking on the's a Dora kitchen, so we're cooking juevos, and queso.

Smells good!

This is her new thing.....loves to hide. If she can't see can't see her.

Cooking is hard work! Let me just chill out for uno momento.
Ok, I admit it...
The next two pictures have nothing to do with her kitchen.
They are pure cuteness pictures.
But remember...I'm making up for 3 weeks of yuck, so humor me.

Love her gold sandals!


Lacey said...

We want to come play!! And I love reading all about little Miss Addison because her and Hadley are long lost twins somewhere, somehow. Hadley is all about the hiding thing these days too. She will stare someone down and then cover her eyes. Love it. This is such a fun age, isn't it? And I love, love the last pictures!!

Becky Fenn said...

Love the dog cute is that?! I am so glad she is feeling better - I wanted to cry with her in those pictures. Miss you and hope we get to see you over Thanksgiving!!! I am thinking you will be in Houston since it is so close to your due date?...