Saturday, March 19, 2011

So maybe you had to be there..

Yesterday morning Andy tried to start his car for work. It barely turned over and then he couldn't drive it without the alarm going off like crazy. So I had to follow him, with both kids in tow at 7am to the car repair place.

So we're driving down El Camino, which is the main thoroughfare where we are (think Woodlands Parkway, but a little bit busier...)

and his car is going off full blast with the horn constantly blaring, lights flashing. Everyone was rolling down their windows and giving him crazy looks, all while I'm following him close behind, laughing because it was just so absurd and funny.

Then we dropped the car and I had to drive him into the office (about 20 minutes away).

Well, I'm not so much of a morning person. I had barely had two sips of my coffee. I usually need at least 2 cups to begin to function normally.

Andy says, "Wow. It's actually lighter now than it is at 6:30."

I'm processing this thinking....

"Um, yeah. The sun is actually higher up in the sky right now at 8am than at 6:30am, so it does appear lighter."

I mean, I was a science teacher. I know how these things work.

So I begin to give him a short science lesson explaining all of this to him.

He just looks at me dumbfounded.

"Melissa! The traffic is lighter!! What are you talking about? I'm not a complete moron! I know how the sun works."

"Oh. Yeah. Good, because you had me a little worried for a second."

"Where is a Starbucks? I'm gonna need that cup of coffee pronto."


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Lacey said...

Totally something I would do. I am sure he got that "are you an idiot" look as well. TOo funny!