Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is Here!

How do we know spring is upon us?

Well, the weather has changed about 5 degrees.

The days are longer.

And we just had 2 more little pets move in.
These baby hummingbirds were born in the last couple of days.
The mama built her nest in a ficus tree on our patio, which I thought was so cool, just having a little hummingbird that we could see up close.

And then babies....I can hardly contain myself.

As I mentioned, the weather has warmed up about 5 degrees. The weatherman warned us that winter will be back in full force this weekend.
That means nothing.

The weatherman's job out here has got to be one of the easiest ever.
I really hope that Neil Frank in Houston gets paid much more than this guy.

Last week, the weather led the top of the news.
It was going to be a "cold and crazy" weather day.

The forecast was 60 with some showers.


a couple to leave you with.

Tough guy
she wants to take this everywhere. Walks take 10 times longer now.
But I let dad deal with that.
You know how else I know that spring is upon us?
I need to go fill out my Brackett!

It's the only way I'll see my husband over the next 2 weeks.


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