Sunday, March 3, 2013



I thought long and hard about blogging the following.  It's not something I'm proud of, but something I want to remember, for more reasons than one.  Try not to pass judgement, but I don't blame you if you do.

Last night Andy and I were getting ready for a much needed date had been long enough to where I don't actually remember our last one.  That's too long.  He was trying to round up the kids for showers, and I was folding laundry or something....not important.

Andy yelled for Addison to get undressed and meet him in the bathroom.

She prances in and says, "I just fu*&in put my shirt in the hamper."
Like total casual f bomb context if that's possible when referring to a casual f bomb drop.

Andy and my eyes connected in the half second it took her to realize that she had struck gold in her attention seeking tactic.  So when Andy calmly asked her to repeat what she said (because there is no f'ing way she just really said that, right?), she just repeated it again as matter of fact as she did the first time....and she most certainly did say what we thought she said....

I am shaking my head (her back is to me) in bewilderment, already thinking about the phone calls I'm going to get from school, and also wondering for about two seconds, "where on EARTH did she hear this word????", but knowing where she has heard this word.

So before Andy or I can say anything, and as we are talking with our eyes as to how we should react, Addison runs out of the room yelling the word at the top of her lungs, and Graham jumps out buck naked from the bathroom joining her chorus.

Not my proudest parenting moment.  It took about 4 more seconds of hearing that word in continuous sing song enthusiasm from my 3 and 4 year old to decide that it definitely needed to be addressed.

Andy let me handle that one since he knew where they had most likely heard that word as well.
(And let me just say that I never drop it in a casual manner EVER in front of the kids, but may have said it a couple of times to prove I'm really mad when having a heated discussion with Andy).  He rightfully gets SO mad when I do, but it's like a dam (not to be confused with damn) I can't suppress when I lose my temper.  Apparently that dam needs to be built up asap.

I sternly told both kids how naughty of a word that was, and then had to eat humble pie as I told them I was so sorry for ever saying that, and in the future if that word is ever uttered by anyone in our house, they will be getting their mouth washed out with soap.  (Like I said that dam will be getting some improvements because I remember having my mouth washed out with soap when I was little and it sucks.)



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Lacey said...

Don't feel bad. My angel said it when she was little...and then I'm not sure if you remember, that HAdley used to call Chick fil a...chicka f#$in' la. We still aren't sure how exactly she got that one. :) It makes for a good story when they are older. :) Don't beat yourself up. :)