Wednesday, March 13, 2013

beach time

The weather has been pretty awesome lately.  Anytime I feel like I don't need to wear a fleece and the sun comes out, the beach calls my name.  It doesn't always call Andy's name, but we're all starting to see that the beach is getting easier as the kids are getting older.  
Now that we don't have kids who nap...

I feel like the time in our day multiplies...for good and for bad.  =)
On a beautiful Saturday a few weeks ago we headed out to Del Mar to walk, collect shells, and enjoy some sunshine.
Graham fell asleep after 3 minutes in the car, as he seems to do lately, yet refuses to nap at home.

Seems we weren't the only people with this idea.

 Still lots of room to run...

and hunt....
 and explore....

and just take it all in.