Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our First Few Days with Addison

Addison has loved having such wonderful visitors. Grandma (Nana) was here on Wednesday and eager to hold her for the first time. Addison was exhausted from such a busy day. You can barely see it, but she has an OSU cap on (not because mom was so eager for her to show her Cowboy pride), but because that was the only thing that fit the little girl.
Andy is loving his new role as daddy and I know this little girl already has him wrapped around her tiny little finger. He is a champ at changing diapers and swaddling. He even has some of the nurses beat. I'm waiting for him to show me his trick.
Grandma Lois and Grandpa came to meet her on Friday and we are SOOO excited they are staying with us until next weekend. Addison is such a cuddler and already much prefers falling asleep on you as opposed to any cradle/bassinet. I just love after she feeds when she continues to cuddle and sleep right on me. It's the most beautiful thing.
So today, we got some "not great" news. Addison's billieruben (jaundice) levels have continued to climb. We were supposed to be discharged last night (Friday), but for some reason, I wasn't quite ready. I asked to stay one more night. This morning (Saturday) they told me that her levels had climbed from 12 to 16 and were concerned about how quickly they had climbed. So now they want her to stay at least until Sunday and have "phototherapy"...hense the blue light. I have been discharged, but thankfully can remain at the hospital under parent care....meaning I stay in the same room we have been in and take care of her (i.e. get to nurse and try to soothe her as she cries) but am no longer a patient.....meaning get your own pain medicine and food. Fine by me.

She's got these googles she has to wear so I can't see her beautiful blue eyes, but I try to think of it like she's getting a healthy suntan. So please be praying for beautiful pink skin and low levels tomorrow so we can take her home and introduce her to her two puppies and get her settled in.
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Callie said...

oh! we will definitely be praying for sweet Addison - hang in there girl!! love you!

the deKorne family said...

as a phototherapy baby myself, i think it produces a great pre disposition to a good tan later in life. i'm praying so much for her, and just as much for you!! i know how scary it is to have a yellow baby. (or as dr. rawson said-she is as orange as a carrot)...thanks for the new pictures! she is gorgeous!

Mama said...

She is beautiful and just perfect - we're praying that her levels come down so you can get home and get settled into your new life!!
Keep the updates coming :)

Lacey Morgan said...

I saw your hubby at Brother's pizza on Saturday. He was beaming! I am so happy for you guys. I was sorry to hear she had to stay an extra day. Hopefully you guys are home now. Hope your doing well and getting some sleep!!