Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flower Child

I know it's a ridiculous accesory, but I've had it since I was 2 months pregnant and I have always been looking for a reason for her to wear it. Well, there's not a good one. So I just put it on her anyways and got some pics for proof that it actually was worn. Meanwhile, she's having a go at her new toy. It's kind of like an exersaucer, except she goes around the activity table. It's got this keyboard that has different animals that play different genres of music. Which one did she prefer and play continuously? The Hip-Hop Monkey. My little gangsta!

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Alicia and Greg said...

I love her facial expressions! I also think the flower hat is too cute! I'm sure she loves her new toy, she is so advanced. :0) We need to get together soon for dinner so I can see how much she has grown int he past few weeks. :0)

Lacey said...

Love the flower hat!! I put a big one on Hads when she was little too...not sure if you remember the post. You only get to put that stuff on them for a short period of time before they don't want it! Oh, and I am jealous of the new toy- hads hates her exersaucer....maybe because it was her sisters and her brothers so it is six years old!! The new stuff is way more fun!