Monday, August 4, 2008

My new favorite thing!

I thought twice about posting this. Mainly because I'm selfish. You see they only sell these for a short time and HEB is the only place I've found them. I stock up every once in a while and buy four boxes. I would buy more, but then that might look ridiculous....that, and I can't fit much more in my freezer.

They are absolutely incredible. I made the mistake of letting Andy taste one and now he's hooked too. They fall apart in your mouth, and are only 50 calories. The best part is the price. $1.62 for 16 pops!!

While most people are out shopping for necessary supplies for this impending tropical storm/hurricane, what am I out doing? Stocking up on Wylers. By the way....didn't even realize a storm was headed our way until a few hours ago. They don't give weather warnings or storm updates on Baby Einstein or Praise Baby.

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Mama said...

I bought 2 boxes today :)