Sunday, August 17, 2008

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Addison and I just returned from a weeklong vacation to Grand Rapids Michigan to visit my great friend, Heidi and her daughter Ava. We were lucky to get to travel with our friend, Alicia as well. Alicia, Heidi, and I taught together for two years, both in Klein and Conroe. Heidi and I have known each other since we were 12 years old, and is one of my oldest friends.

We all had such a great time just relaxing and enjoying the FABULOUS weather! It was so great to escape to weather that stayed in the 50s, 60s, and 70s pretty much all week. Heidi and her husband Mark just moved to Grand Rapids in February and bought this awesome house on gorgeous property on the Thornapple River. It was so great to have dinner outside on the deck every night and just enjoy the view.

I was a little worried about how I would deal with Addison on her first airplane ride. She really did great, especially considering what we went through coming back yesterday. Here are several things that you never want to hear when trying to catch a flight home with an overtired 4 month old....and only one diaper left in your bag....but we heard them anyway.

1. Your flight has been delayed at least 3 hours, but it could be longer.
2. Someone's not happy (Heard from many random strangers, referring to Addison.)
3. Flight 3015 to Houston has been cancelled.
4. You must rebook at the ticketing a line of 100, with 2 agents.
5. I can re-route you through Chicago tonight and then to Houston at 6am tomorrow. Are you kidding me??!!
6. Ok, you're right...that's crazy, you have a four month old. Let's put you on a flight at 5am tomorrow from Grand Rapids to Chicago (O'Hare) where you will have a 45 minute layover, switch airlines and fly into Houston at 9am.

1. Heidi wakes us up at 4:15 am....that's 3:15 our time. Addison is none too happy.
2. We get selected for "special screening" at the airport, which takes over 30 minutes!!

We did luck out with a few things though.
1. My bag only weighed 49.5 pounds after some very strategical packing. Yea for no extra charge!
2. We had the nicest flight attendant ever!!
3. Extra leg room on both flights!
4. Got to Houston without a hitch and reunited with Daddy. Yea!

Even though we had a few headaches on the return trip, our vacation with Heidi, Ava, Mark, and Alicia was so fun. Here are some pics!

Heidi's backyard....seriously beautiful.

Enjoying the sunset.

View from living room

Addison loved the Exersaucer....why didn't I register for one of these???

Staredown with Ava.
Ava sharing her milk with Addison

Ava giving Addison a kiss....
and a nice pat on the head!
Bath time!

Mark's big catch!!

Man and his pooch going fishing.


The Chron Family said...

Melissa is was great to hear from you. You have a beautiful family and a perfect baby girl. Congratulations to you and your husband! We have been having so much fun with our son, watching him learn and grow with the world around him, and are so excited about having our little girl now too. I wish you all the happiness with Addison that we have found with Thatcher and now Juliet. All the best to you and your family.

Mama said...

What a nightmare at the airport!! Glad you guys are home safe :)

Callie said...

uggh! I am jealous of that house! Can we piick it up (and the lake too) and move it here to Houston!? SO glad you had fun and are back safely!
I need an exersaucer. Carson LOVES his and goes nuts in it. Check Craig's List...I saw one on there the other day for around 20 bucks...miss you!

Mary Lauren said...

You couldn't have made that up, Melissa. I am flying next month and I am scared to death!