Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Christmas

Every year it seems like Christmas comes and goes so fast!  I can't believe 2008 is almost over. What a wonderful year it has been.  We had so much fun this year celebrating Christmas with Addison.  She is at such a fun age..not to mention exhausting..especially only having one good foot right now!

"smiling" for the camera

She is clapping now, crawling all over, standing on her own for a few short seconds and showing her "excited" face all the time.  I can tell I have a real ham on my hands.  I love it! excited for Christmas!

Christmas Eve at the Lebo's.
My parents always have a little get together with friends and Dad makes his famous Brandy Alexanders. The same people have been coming for 30 years, but it's fun to have new kiddos around now.  Here is Ainsley, my godparents granddaughter.  This picture makes me laugh so hard because she is not sure what to think of this monkey!

Christmas morning...Addison in her new ball pit.
Now has her own keys, so she doesn't have to steal mom's.
Bags and tissue paper were much more exciting though!
loves the house that Nana and Poppy gave her.  She is wearing this cute little outfit my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Tommy gave's too funny and Addison was adorable in it....loved her hat.

She looks like snaggletooth in this picture!  This is her "excited" face, but she had some food in her mouth when she did it, and it looks a little scary!

Playing with her cousin, Iris.  Remember a few posts back where poor Iris was getting "bitten" by Addison?  I don't think Iris is still too sure about her....
Addison apparently needs to learn what's hers...she likes whatever anyone else has.

 All the cousins!
Hope that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas too!  


Jane said...

Great pictures, love the new backdrop as well!

Katie said...

Love the pics of her first Christmas. That is hilarious w/ the food in her mouth. And, Lucy got the same house for Christmas! I've been eyeing that toy since Anna was little, and we've just never gotten it. It's fun.