Sunday, March 15, 2009

Date night with Adele

I could get used to this....a fabulous trip and a date all within a week!  My parents had Addison spend the night and Andy and I went in town (an adventure in itself) to see Adele in a small, intimate concert.  If you have not heard any of her music, you are missing out.  She is absolutely amazing.  After getting a Grammy for best new Artist in February, I was really surprised that she was performing at Warehouse Live (which only fits 1,500).  As talented as this girl is, it's probably the last time we'll get to see her in such a small setting.

Dinner at Fish in Midtown

My girl Adele


Katie said...

How fun! I had never heard of her until the Grammy's actually. So jealous of your trip and date. I remember back when we had one kid and people fought to babysit him. Now, when people see us coming, they just run in the other direction. Ha.

Trout Family said...

I loved your pictures from vacation. You have a talent or a great camera...maybe both! What camera are you using? I'm a friend of Kim Erbele.