Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's for dinner....or any other meal for that matter?

I usually only "cook" a couple of times a week, especially since my husband would be ok eating a sandwich every meal of his life.  It's been only recently that with Addison pretty much eating "real" food now, I'm having to ask myself this question 3 times a least as far as what she's eating anyways.

So....I am looking for ideas, and PLEASE share what works for your family or what your kiddos enjoy for easy, go to meals/snacks.  I'm going to share a few of my favs to start out, but Addison can only eat a waffle or quesadilla so many times a day, so please add to the list!

Favorite tool I never used in my kitchen until now, but probably now use it 4 times a day....

The Pizza Cutter! This thing is perfect for cutting through waffles, sandwiches, quesadillas, to get them into perfect bite sized portion Quickly.

Breakfast: Eggo whole grain cinnamon waffle w/ a little syrup & bananas

Lunch: Quesadilla : spray pam (w/butter flavor) on a tortilla, add cheese and Fat Free refried beans, fold over and "toast" on each side of a non-stick skillet (her very favorite)

Dinner: We are having creative issues in this area...but I did recently discover Morningstar Veggie Bites (Broccoli and cheese) and she loves them!! 

Dinner for Mom/Dad : easy, healthy go to and fast
Throw a couple of boneless chicken breasts in a crock pot with a can of Rotel and 1 cup of chicken broth.  Cook on high for two hours and low for two hours.  Done!  Very good flavor....usually I serve it up with Spanish style lipton sides and if I'm feeling really adventurous and not so healthy, I top it with Chuy's creamy jalapeno sauce.

Ok, now it's your turn, please, I'm begging you....


Lindsay Wagner said...

Ok....for adult meals head to my blog...i have a ton of them, and if you link to meredith, matt and reid...she's got a bazillion of them, too. mostly healthy and easy! also scroll through my blog b/c i asked this exact question a few months ago about food for there are some answers under that post a few months back. hayden loves grilled cheese for lunch, homemade sweet potato fries (so easy and really yummy), pinto beans, the $1 single packs of mac and cheese. you just heat them in the microwave for 3 minutes...easy! breakfast was pancakes and bananas until she decided she "no like it" with both! so now i'm doing strawberries and frozen kolaches. not the healthiest, but i'm doing what i can to get her to eat breakfast these days, and she's a HUGE fan of cheerios still! she also loves cooked spiral pasta...i get the veggie pasta that's all diff. colors, and she loves it. she's not a huge fan of salt and spray butter on them, but i know friends that do that, too. hayden doesn't like eggs much either, but if addison likes them, that's easy for breakfast, too....toast and a little jelly also? hayden loves turkey dogs for lunch/dinner, deli meat, grapes, blueberries, ravioli. i hope this helps a little bit...sorry it's a little random. it's REALLY hard not to get in a food rut, and i love your idea of quesadillas...i am going to try that next week! and thanks for the suggestion of the pizza cutter...fantastic!!!

Lindsay Wagner said...

oh, i forgot to mention that hayden LOVES skim milk string cheese cut up...or any type of cheese cut up. she likes it so much that i try to stay on the healthy side with it!

Mary said...

wait, now why haven't you introduced her to bagel bites, totino's pizza rolls, fish sticks, and vienna sausages?? i feel like that's what i grew up on :)

Katie said...

Now is a great time to fill her up on fruits and veggies. Anything you could get at the salad bar at sweet tomatoes. Lucy loves all that stuff. They get to a point where they WILL get pickier, so take advantage.

Pasta, lunch meat, cheese, crackers, yogurt, apple sauce, etc. I made some berry smoothies the other day and gave it to Lucy w/ a spoon--total hit.

Lucy eats everything we eat pretty much. I just cut it up and let her have at it. I don't know what your doctor says, but peanut butter is the bomb. (I give at 1; some people wait until 2 or later. Actually, Lucy's already had it--4th kid)

Amy Willila said...

One big hit at our house that my sister-in-law came up with...cream cheese and jelly sandwiches...Amy loves it! She also is a big fan of fish sticks and all beef hotdogs! Great call on the pizza cutter...I am going to try that tonight!!!

Lacey said...

I feed all three of my kids whatever we are eating-even Hadley. I just cut it up into bite size pieces for her. If I'm grilling fish- she eats it, spinach- she eats it, she just eats whatever we are. I have done this with all three kiddos. Even when she was eating baby food, I would just puree whatever we were eating in the vita mixer. :)