Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Iris!

Our niece, Iris, turned one this week and we got a chance to celebrate with her.  She and Addison are only two weeks apart so it's always so fun to get them together...and of course catch up with family.

These pigtails crack me up!  She is so so cute.

I have to give props to her daddy, Mike, because he made the cake!  Dads...take note.  He was careful to garnish and even piped the icing....impressive....and it tasted even better than it looked!

Eloise and Owen hovered for about 15 minutes before we cut into it.

Very excited!
Addison was just excited to have some "new" toys to play with.

How cute is this?

Addison only got to eat crepe paper....but in two out!!  Ok, I'm lying...I totally gave her cake.  How cruel would that be?

Cute cousins
Love this one....


sarah said...

how funny! i love that one of eloise where she looks crazed! nice job! we can't wait for addison's big day.

Katie said...

So cute. Can't wait for Addison's cake pictures.