Friday, July 24, 2009


We met our sunday school class at Minute Maid Park tonight and decided to bring Addison along for her first Astros game.  Let's just say you can't enjoy your nachos supreme and chili dog as easily as you used to without said 15 month old...let alone, watch the game.  But she enjoyed the game....the clapping...and of course, the food.

Please excuse the poor pics....also hard to get good pics when juggling chili dog, diaper bag, camera, and 15 month old.  =)

Starting to squirm as soon as we sit down.

Dad trying to shove a hot dog at her to appease her...worked for about 2 minutes.  Ice cream worked better.
Loved it when the crowd went crazy
Lots of clapping....go Stros!

Juice at the "juice box"
Bad dad...but just about any distraction will do
Time to leave??   We made it 6 innings! Pretty impressive Addison.


Mary said...

she was an angel! and super cute of course

Honeyman 4 said...

Awesome job you guys. It's the parents that deserve the props! And her hair is awesome with those waves. Hope you are feeling better. Got your left over plates, etc...swing them by sometime.