Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Two weeks without a blog...I think that's a record for me.
We finally got internet hooked up at our new house, and I am beginning to feel a small bit of normalcy.  

I've been terrible about taking pictures lately, but I have a few randoms I'll post in the meantime. I can't wait to share pictures of our new place but we have had contractors in and out every day for the last 2 weeks and we probably have about 2-3 weeks to go, but at least we are in and sleeping here...even if we are drowning in boxes and mess.  It's worth it and we love it!

Here come the random pics...

Addison has a love for anything that "big" people have.  Forget her toddler apple bites, dried fruit pieces, she wants the real deal.

Until Harley takes it away...
She also loves walking around with this backpack on
Wherever she goes...
And her favorite new thing AND OURS is giving kisses....too cute
When we moved into the new house last week, the only place I could set up her pack and play was in the guest bathroom to be away from the workers.  I thought she was being so quiet and good taking a nice little nap only to go in and find that she is a big fan of toilet paper.

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The Manuel Family said...

Caroline has the same pajamas! Love them!