Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Exploring new territory...and monkey pancakes!

Well I have been a slacker lately in the picture and blog department.  We are still settling into the new house...pictures to come....and chasing after an ever-increasingly active toddler...I'm exhausted!

Addison is having fun "exploring" her new home.  Anytime someone new comes over, she starts jabbering away in her own language and walking from room to room like she's taking them on a grand tour.  She loves her new play spaces.

The previous owners were very handy and created this little kids' hideaway under the stairs complete with wood floors and tinkerbell walls.  It's her favorite.  She loves walking right in the door that's perfect for her size and turning on and off the light.

She has also discovered her stroller and loves pushing it all around the house.  The baby only stays in it for about 5 seconds before it's thrown across the room and replaced by her sippy cup...priorities.  We may have some work to do before our little guy arrives in December.

Why is Addison so happy?

I made a new "creation" today.  Monkey Pancakes!  I was craving pancakes for dinner tonight and decided to play around with some extra ingredients from the pantry.  

I added some mashed banana and chocolate chips to some regular buttermilk pancake mix and viola....Monkey Pancakes!  


the deKorne family said...

So cute! She is so gorgeous...I'm craving pancakes too, but went with pop tarts for dinner. Less work. :)

Callie said...

why do they love to turn the lights off and on?!? Carson does the SAME thing!! Addison is precious and getting so big! We MUST get them together soon!!!

Lacey said...

She looks so BIG in those pictures!!! Gosh it goes by fast. ARe you getting ready for little man???

britt said...

That cracks me up...I crave chocolate banana pancakes too! Poor Luci gets stuck with blueberry though.

The Yartym's said...

I love the idea of monkey pancakes! I am going to use it. They sound awesome!