Thursday, March 25, 2010


That was my response when Andy called me Monday night with "bad news".
It was definitely an all caps "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" response to this news.
Because...well, let me just show you and then explain.

and It's worse than it looks.

Let me back up a bit. Andy had just started back into his basketball intramural league. I wasn't thrilled because it just meant for an extra long day of bathing and putting both kids to bed on my own.

I had just finished the ordeal which took an hour and a half and was sitting down to finally eat at 8:20 when he called.

"I've got bad news."

I'm thinking....a double header game. No big deal, kids are in bed, I can have a nice glass of wine...
not so much.

"I think I tore my Achilles tendon." They're taking me to the emergency room.

Here comes my part..."ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!"

I hung up and went ahead an opened the bottle of wine. And maybe I had another glass after googling the injury.

Turns out that my husband will most likely be off his foot for a good four months. Yup. You read that right. He meets with the specialist today and will most likely have surgery early next week and then start the LONG recovery process.

You can fault me for not being too sympathetic if you want, but all I could and sometimes still find myself thinking about it how much of the day to day...and night...and weekend...childcare stuff will be up to me. Oh...and taking care of my third child, the patient.

I do feel sorry for him though because I know it sucks. I was in the surgical boot not so long ago...not fun.

As Addison would say...."&$%#". I mean "shirt". Yes, we've moved on from the mispronunciation of fork from the Target episode. She has found the "r" in fork but not in "shirt".

Speaking of Target....

Andy stayed home the day after his incident and insisted on going to Target with us. He waited in the cafe until a senior citizen returned a rascal and then used it to follow us around in the store. If that wasn't embarrassing enough....Addison enjoyed pointing out all of the "#&$#'s" we passed in the store. There are a lot of shirts in Target. Including this cute one I picked up.

Poor Graham was a little tired, but I was determined to get everything I came there for.

So that's how our week started. Good times.

In other more pleasant events...
Graham got to meet his great-grandmother this weekend. Sweet.

which made him very happy.

and cute...well he was already cute.

We also got to hang out with some sweet friends yesterday.

Callie and Ashley came over and brought their adorable kiddos.
We attempted a group shot but this is what we got.

Addison is totally into mommy's shoes lately...and my toothbrush unfortunately.

We have a lot of exciting events coming up....

Addison's birthday
Graham's baptism
Andy's surgery

Let the good times roll....


Callie said...

oh girl, I am SO FEELING for you!! Let me know what the doctor says today! It was so great to see you guys yesterday. LOVE the picture of Carson drying on the couch. Classic!!

Ashley McWhorter said...

HAHA! I love it! I would have TOTALLY had your reaction. Heck, I have that reaction when Conn tells me that he has a headache. Our poor husbands! HA!!!! :) We need to finally get together and I'll be joining you at the gym soon! :)

Lacey said...

I love the picture of Andy in the cart at TARGET. HILARIOUS!! I am not sure I would have let frank follow me around. But then again, he'd probably do it anyway, even if I said please dont. LOL. Oh goodness, hope his foot feels better. Sorry I missed last night too. I heard it was fun...but trust me, you didn't want me there. :) A stomach bug and a third kid for you wouldn't be fun.

The Manuel Family said...

So sorry to hear about Andy...and you do not need to apologize for being unsympathetic! :)