Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best Month in Houston

Andy and I decided that March is the best month in least weather wise...minus the pollen. It's also one of the few times a year where I can keep somethings of color in my yard without killing it. Gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

March is also the best month because of this great event that begins today...if I have to tell what event that is, then I have to say...I'm a little disappointed.

Alright, let's get to the pictures...because let's be honest, I don't have much to say. I'll let the cuteness speak for itself.

Kissing her brother...without any prompting from me!! So precious

Loves her new sand & water table, although it's driving me crazy because she keeps pouring one into the other. I know that's kind of the point, but the mess is killing me.
Cute right? It's cute at 4 in the afternoon, but not so much at 4 in the morning....or midnight...or 2am....great baby, terrible sleeper.


Lindsay Wagner said...

if it makes you feel any better, hayden didn't sleep through the night until 4 months, and i thought that was SO late....ainsley didn't sleep through consistently until 5 months...just about killed me! but once she did it she never turned back other than when she's sick! i KNOW how hard it is and it's even harder with an older one keeping you busy during the day. hang in there....sweet little man will surprise you soon...hopefully!!!!! ;)

the deKorne family said...

i couldn't bring myself to get sand and water together for that reason! i just only want wet sand at the beach. :) adorable pictures! sorry about the sleep! maybe we should text in the night since we are both up for most of it!