Monday, May 3, 2010

5 Months!

Sometimes I wish I could stop time....
Because my baby boy is growing up too fast!! I love how he looks like a little chunky monkey in these pictures.

Graham is such a sweet tempered baby. I know I keep saying it, but I just love him to pieces. As long as he is fed once in a while, he is absolutely all smiles.

Here is what he's been up to...

* has definitely found his feet and hands and wants to put anything he can into his mouth, although the feet aren't quite making it there yet.

*He is nursing about 5 times a day and once or twice at night. Last night he slept from 7pm until 3 am, woke up and ate, and went back down until 8. Thank you Jesus!
*He is starting to grow in some hair and it looks like it's going to be blond like his sisters although maybe a little bit thicker and straighter, which is a good thing considering the Chi is not cool for boys.
*Rolling over machine. He is no longer content to just lay under the playmat. He wants to explore everything and can be in a totally different part of the room than where I left him.

*I have no idea what he weighs right now, but he is definitely getting longer. Because of his length, he no longer fits into 6 month pajamas and is making his way into 6-12 month clothes....although this onesie he's wearing in the picture is a 3 month if you can believe it.

*He was wearing size 3 diapers, but then I found another huge box of 2's stashed away in the closet and because I'm too cheap to let those go to waste, he's back in 2's.

*He loves playing with his toys especially the excersaucers and is warming up to the idea of the jumperoo. He's pretty much over the swing and tries to sit up while he's in it. He loves sleeping with his paci and lambie at night.

*He's not a big eater of solids yet, and I'm not pushing it because let's be honest, it's just one more thing to we will wait another month.

*He is an absolute joy!!!

and has his mommy wrapped around his fingers and toes.



Ashley McWhorter said...

Melissa, he is PRECIOUS!!!! Oh, my goodness! Don't you just LOVE having a boy?! We need to have some play dates...for sure!

Lacey said...

Pure cuteness. I love him. He looks like you!! :)