Sunday, May 2, 2010

Date Night

One of our best date nights ever happened this weekend.
We decided a few months back that we wanted to do a "progressive" date through The Woodlands for our 5 year anniversary.

You know something besides the Chick Fil A drive through followed by running around the park. We were in desperate need of GROWN UP time.

So we got a babysitter ALL DAY on Saturday.
I was fantasizing about what to do sans kids for such a long maybe go sit at Starbucks and read a magazine, or
go cruise around the mall and go nowhere near stores like Gymboree or Stride Rite
lock myself in my bedroom and catch up on hours of TV on my DVR...
but instead we took full advantage and went to see a in a real movie theater.

This movie was Hilarious! If you don't get to go see it at least put it in your Netflix queue.

Then we started the rest of the date...

Happy Hour at Jaspers.
Amazing! Who knew that they had all of their specialty drinks and amazing appetizers for $5 every day before 7? Not I....

Just putting our feet up on the patio...9 more weeks of the cast guys...
Then we did a little shopping. It's really fun shopping when you're husband can't keep up with you....
Ok, now he knows I'm clearly mocking him....
After some shopping, we had dinner at Uni.
The hostess was a little full of herself telling us that they were TOTALLY booked for the entire night. The manager overheard her say this and then asked me to give him our number and he would call us if "something" opened up.

We didn't care, I mean we had NOWHERE to be. Great feeling....
So not 10 minutes later, we get a phone call that they might be able to "squeeze" us in.
I mean only if you're sure. Thanks for the favor because I can see that you guys are slammed with the ten empty tables around us.

Anyways, stuffy or not.....I LOVE that place.

And guess what? I can finally have sushi!! And water for me!!! Can I tell you how nice this was after the last two years of watching Andy partake without me?

So after dinner we headed up to the lounge at the new hotel, Avia. Their bar is right by the pool and overlooks Market Street. It was a great place to chill even if they were quite proud of their drinks.

I put this one in there because at this time I started taking pictures upside down....I mean it was the third leg of the trip and I had been well hydrated.

Overlooking Market Street

And the final leg of the progressive dinner was Tommy Bahamas. I didn't include a picture of the ridiculously large brownie we had for dessert because we ate it too fast.
And I know it's ridiculous that I don't have one picture of us together on our date!! I should have asked our cab driver to snap a quick one on the way home, but I was too busy trying to shell out enough cash to pay the babysitter for 10 hours.....but worth EVERY penny!



Lindsay Wagner said...

LOVE this! our 7 year anniversary is actually today, and we had a great weekend celebrating as well. in fact it's 12:38 and i'm enjoying the final glass of the champagne we opened! never too early! ;) so glad you guys had a fun anniversary....happy 5 years! ;)

Becky Todd said...

Happy Anniversary! Your date sounded like so much fun! I hope you all had a great weekend! :)

the deKorne family said...

hooray! so glad you had such a great time. :)

Lacey said...

LOL- You guys know how to have a date!!! :) Love the upside down picture. Actually, I love that you had your nice camera with you on the date taking pictures. :)

We love UNI. Have a lunch date once a week while the girls are in school and I just happen to be having girls night there tonight. MMMmmmm...

10 hours of babysitting and a cab drive= a pricy date, but I agree it is well worth it when it's a good one!!

Glad you guys had a good anniversary!