Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random, I know.

So here are a few tidbits from this week.

1. Addison has pneumonia.
2. I think Graham is on his way.

When the dr. told me that, I was shocked. I thought....annoying cough. Nope.
They said an antibiotic should do the trick, but so far....the jury is still out.

They are completely themselves for good and for bad, except for this cough. They still want to play, and are in pretty good moods otherwise, but we've got a serious case of cabin fever over here.

3. I got the best haircut of my life this weekend.

you know when you move, and one of your biggest concerns is where you're going to get your haircut/colored, etc? You know, especially since you've been going to the same hairdresser for 10 years, and her number is entered into your phone as "hair goddess"? Oh... you don't know, do you?

Well, I was expecting nothing. And greatness was delivered.
Her name is Megan and she is wonderful. She spent 4 hours coloring, highlighting, low-lighting, and cutting my hair. And then she told me I should come back again in a month and I laughed at her. Because, I don't think my husband is going to go for that.

So I must be brave because I am not a big fan of pictures of myself, nor did I have anyone to take hair picture, AND I have no make up on. But. I did take a shower today, and some moms out there know that's a feat in itself, so....

here is new haircut. You can't get the full effect, but I can promise you that I am happy. No big changes, but it is a little lighter.

Megan was cutting it and asked me where I typically like volume in my hair. And I was all..."well I'll take it wherever I can get it really...." and she was all...."oh yeah, you're from Texas, I forgot."

So it's not my typical roundbrush blow out, but more sleek, simple layers and blonde.
I'm going West Coast yall.

And speaking of that....

See this hat? I picked this up out of a lady's garage on our house-hunting trip back in August.
We were looking at a house and the owner was setting up for a boutique show in her garage and I basically begged her for the hat to which Andy replied....."You will never wear that."

I hate it when he's right. And it's sat in our closet for the last 5 months.

But I love this hat, I just didn't ever think I could pull it off, and Andy assured me that I could not as well.

Well, I thought with new haircut, why not? And since I've already committed the crime of the self portrait, here it goes again.
Yeah, that didn't work. Let's try it again.

Andy is never going to let me hear the end of this.
But you know what?

I kind of like it.
On to the cuties you probably care to see.

See? He doesn't look sick, does he?
And being the late talker and walker that he is....
just like his sister
I was shocked to hear him yell out his first real word yesterday.

and point like crazy at the hill

because this crazy guy
was all the way up here.
Look hard, he's there.

It's like his own little jungle.

Don't say I didn't warn you that this was random.



Callie said...

LOVE the hair (you look great!!!) and I think the hat is precious! Tell Andy I said so!!!!!

Lacey said...

You are so cute. And your haircut is FABULOUS!! And I love the hat. You definitely are pulling it off. :)

Glad you are doing well. Nice to see your sweet face even if it's not in person.

Becky Todd said...

Um hello. You look great. Love the hair. Love the hat. Love you!