Thursday, February 3, 2011

A baby shower like no other

I just got back Tuesday from a baby shower.
A baby shower like no other I've ever been to.
A four day celebration in Cabo where we were pampered, relaxed, and alone with no husbands or kids to be seen.
But there was a lot of this.

and because it wasn't my shower, there was a lot of this.
Here is the beautiful momma to be (again).

Suzanne, Brian, and big brother Desmond are going to welcome little Charlie (or Charley)...still to be determined... in March.

So besides being a time to celebrate and sprinkle Suz with pink adorable things, it was a time for mommas to get away and ENJOY.

Hard not to relax
Some of the pink sprinkled adorableness.
Because most of the girls were from LA....everyone but me, they decided to sprinkle Suz in all out fashion.
In shower's past, I'm used to the momma opening up her cute presents and letting everyone ooh and ahh over the precious pink, but here....well, it was done a whole different way.

I don't have pics because I was too caught off guard and worried about what to say.
There was music. There was an MC.
There was a fashion show where you were expected in full on faux British accent to tell where little miss Charlie would be wearing her outfit out on the town as you modeled it by Suz in a flash of flurry and made a cute turn as you exited the "runway".

It was hilarious.

I was unprepared to say the least. But it was all fun and the group of girls of who I knew NO ONE but Suz were amazing.

The day after the runway show, Suz's husband, Brian, surprised us all with a day at the spa.
Yeah, everyone.
I've never spent a whole DAY at the spa in my life.

Walking in to the spa at El Dorado

View from hot tub

Manis and pedis
Pool time!

And then do you see that hut? That's a restaurant. Where I was over served.
One too many margaritas.
Was late to my massage and unfortunately don't remember all of it as I should, but I do know I was totally relaxed.
How could you not be?

The next day was a pool day.

I actually finished a book that I have been reading for over 4 months.
It was a great book, but I just never had time to read it until this trip. Done.

There are so many amazing houses there.

Kelly, Mia, Me, Suz, Sarah, and Abby.
We went back to the infamous hut that night.
To eat and not drink so many margaritas.
We saw a school of dolphins swimming. was whale watching season. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we probably saw over 200 whales on this trip. They were 100-200 yards off the beach, and you could watch at anytime and see them right after one another.

Watching the sun go down

And then it was s'more time!

on the last morning....
not a bad view to wake up to

and more of this....

It was an amazing trip to say the least.
So thankful for a wonderful husband who took on the role of "Mr. Mom" for 4 days.

Thank you Suzanne and Brian for letting us "sprinkle" Suz in Cabo!

I can't wait to meet little Charlie in a few weeks. It's so nice to have friends that are not a plane ride away AND that you've known for years. I'm sure there will be many trips back and forth from San Diego and L.A. to come.



Ashley McWhorter said...

That is awesome! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Cabo!!!

Lacey said...

What fun!!! I remember reading her blog when she had just adopted her baby. Love the runway idea. Hilarious!! What a fun, memorable idea!

Kat and Craig said...

r u kidding me?!! how awesome. i am sure one of those margarita's was for me! :) WHAT BOOK DID YOU FINISH?