Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yea! Friends!

We have officially been here 3 months. That's 3 months with no Chuys, no Grimaldi's, and not many girls' night outs. You would need girl friends for that, right?

It has been 3 months of good family time, lots of exploring, and some "pinch me, do we really live here?"

All that aside, we are really starting to enjoy our new normal, but missing friends doesn't go away. So it's a good thing we'll be back to visit in April!

In the meantime, we're making new friends and loving the chance to see old ones.
Andy and I hung out with some of our "new" friends on Friday, Jeremy and Jennifer. We have not drank that much wine laughed that hard in a long time. It was great.

Saturday morning we decided to go for a run. Not one of the best laid plans after the night before. We went for a run on the beach all the way to the donut shop. Then we ran back to our car and drove straight to In N Out Burger. So as of Monday, all 2 pounds I had lost from my New Year's Resolutions were kaput.
Good thing I'm back on the wagon now.

Then Saturday afternoon, our good friends, Brian & Suzanne, and their little son, Desmond drove down from L.A. to see us. It was so great to see them. Andy and Brian's pledge brother, Ryan, who lives in San Diego joined us as well.

You see that Pioneer Woman cookbook open? That might be why the 2 pounds creeped back on. That and the donuts. No, I only had one bite. Oh, crap. Darn the In N Out burger.

Addison played with Desmond a little bit although we are having an extremely difficult time sharing lately.
"Mine" is her favorite word.
Graham loved playing with Desmond.
Can you tell they wanted to go outside?
Such good sharing....

Addison showed Desmond some of her dress up clothes. Good thing he didn't seem to mind. He is going to have a little baby sister come March.

To say that Desmond loved Harley would be a huge understatement. Huge.
Big brother in training...
I'm going to get to see Suzanne again this weekend because....
it's a girls' weekend in Cabo!
We are celebrating the newest little Watson's arrival and since it's a girl, why not make it an all girl party?

So yes, do the math.
One parent in Cabo.
One parent at home. Two kids.
4 days.
Pray for him people.

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Mary said...

oh how i love me some in n' out burger!!! have fun in cabo!